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Header Wrap

The High Energy Header Wrap is a weave of the finest insulating materials, and can withstand temperatures of up to 600°C. Keeping exhaust heat inside your exhaust pipes maintains exhaust gas velocity, helps to increase combustion chamber scavenging and increases horsepower. High Energy Header Wrap can also reduce under bonnet temperatures by as much as 80%, insulating both clutch and fuel lines, while protecting mechanics from injury.

Tie Straps

High Energy stainless steel Tie Straps are used to lock both ends of your header wrap onto your exhaust pipe. Use between 10 - 20 ties per set of V8 headers.

Starter Motor Shield

Starter motors have to deal with engine heat soak and exhaust heat, and always let you down at the worst possible time. The High Energy Kool Tube kit consists of a sheet of aluminised fibreglass to wrap around the body of the starter and two stainless tie straps to hold the shield in place.

Heat Sleeve

The High Energy Kool Tube Heat Sleeve is made from a highly reflective foil bonded to a high temperature insulating weave, and then stitched into a sleeve with Kevlar stitching. The reflective foil protects your hoses and wiring from 90% of all radiant heat, and is ideal for fual lines, shifter, clutch and throttle cables.

Heat Sleeve - Hook & Loop

Similar to the High Energy regular aluminised heat sleeve, except for the addition of a hook and loop seam to allow the relective sleeve to be opened and then wrapped around hoses or looms. Kevlar stitching used throughout.

Heat Shield - Tape

High Energy Heat Shield Adhesive Tape consists of a highly reflective foil laminated to an adhesive backed heat proof tape. Use adhesive heat shield tape around steering boxes, fuel lines, and under floor panels. Do not wrap this tape around exhaust pipes.

Heat Shield - Blanket

This aluminised fibreglass blanket is available in two sizes, and can be used to insulate firewalls or floor panels from engine and exhaust heat. Easily cut to fit many applications.

Spark Plug Boots

Aluminised fibreglass spark plug boot shields are perfect for protecting rubber spark plug boots from red hot exhaust manifolds. In fact, the High Energy Kool Tube boots have passed the ultimate test under the bonnet of the Valvoline V8 Supercar Commodores. Kevlar stitching used throughout.

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