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303 Protectant gives your car the maximum level of protection from the elements. Protecting your car's vinyl, rubber, leather, fibreglass, plastic, sailcloth, upholstery winscreen wipers and even your CD's with this great range of products. Their line-up includes:

303 Protectant

  • The ultimate protectant with the world's most powerful sunscreening formula
  • Suitable for vinyl, rubber, leather, fibreglass, plastic and sailcloth

303 Fabric Guard

  • Keeps your upholstery and carpets looking like new, longer
  • Specifically formulated for fabrics and carpets exposed to the sun

303 Windscreen Washer & 303 Wiper Treatment

  • Instant windscreen washer tablets - Just drop into the winscreen washer reservoir for a super-clean windscreen
  • 303 Wiper Treatment - just wipe along the wiper blade to make them work like new

303 CD Cleaner and Sound Enhancer

  • Smoothes Treble
  • Extends dynamic range
  • Cleans CDs
  • Provides an anti-static coat to repel dust
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